IOLITE Growth is dedicated to providing better understanding of the Customer Success model. As well as direct consulting, we offer the following workshops for companies and organizations that want to focus on specific elements of their strategy.


Miles Ahead: The Customer Success Advantage

Companies like American Express, Adobe, Lands’ End, and SAP are creating senior management positions dedicated to optimize “customer success.”

Why? Technology has given customers more autonomy and choice and to keep and grow your customer base you need to make sure they have a great experience every step of the way – from sales to service to billing.

Our award-winning solutions have
increased revenues as much as 275%.

Access leading edge tactics, techniques and strategies to improve your customer experience and deliver customer success with IOLITE’s latest business growth-generating workshop.
Engage in skill-building and creative applications designed to improve your team’s capability to attract new customers, win undying trust and loyalty, create advocates and retain the valuable customers you already have.

Program inclusions:

1. Customer Gain and Pain point assessment, utilizing a combination of customer data analysis and business intelligence review

2. Two-day intensive workshop with

  • Cutting edge “wish I’d done it first” Customer Success lessons from market leaders
  • Hands-on skill building with a test-and-learn twist
  • Decision-making to drive forward

3. Creation of the customized Miles Ahead roadmap, Gain Point strategy and Customer Success action plan to yield results

4. Pre- and post- interviews with attendees

2 Days on Site         5 – 12 Participants

Designed for a range of company sizes and stages.

Forbes named 2016 The Year Of The Customer*
“Customers are smarter than ever. When it comes to customer service and customer experience, they know the difference between good and bad.



> Winning Leads

Win more leads and generate more wins with a cutting edge approach to customer acquisition. Stretch your thinking by learning from other industries. Ignite new energy and apply novel thinking to your sales method. Learn how to adopt a “test and pivot” approach to winning customers.

  • Re-engineer your lead generation strategy
  • Create a Customer Journey map
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current lead generation approach
  • Apply the proprietary IOLITE Growth A-I-P-A growth model
  • Develop a compelling sales hook that creates curiosity

Length:                    2 days, plus pre-interviews


> Best Targets/Best Tactics

Generate tactics that captivate your customers – and attract new ones. The foundation of business growth is A-R-CSM: acquisition, retention and cross-selling. In this high energy, creative workshop, you and key stakeholders will dive deep to understand your key customer targets and brainstorm tactics that will generate response across the ARC.

  • Profile customer segments
  • Utilize customer insights to brainstorm tactics
  • Make strategic choices to prioritize target customers with compelling tactics
  • Develop a “target – tactic road map” for acquisition, retention and cross-selling customers

Length:                    1-2 days



> Better Brand Blocks

Create a solid brand that is built to grow by focusing on classic brand-building blocks. We’ll look at your value proposition, customer experience, market presence, competition and your brand future.

  • Understand customer attitudes and beliefs about your brand today
  • Identify equity in your current brand
  • Create a customer journey map
  • Develop and refine your brand positioning to achieve your desired brand perception and customer belief


Length:                    2 days, with pre-interviews and brand assessment


> Tune In and Up: Sustained Success for Business Leaders

Business growth comes from seeing the path ahead and being prepared. While many get caught up in the pressures of day-to-day management, leaders like Andrew Carnegie and Steve Jobs took breaks to read, think and plan. Our program for Sustained Success is for executive teams that stand out from the crowd. Take an innovative approach to combining mind, heart and body to seize inspiration during an intuitive day of energy-building, followed by a day of collaborative success-building. Map out opportunities for your company’s future and engineer the ones that are right for you. This 2-day off-site is held in a location of your choice – from the Swiss Alps to California Wine Country.


Length:                    2 days, with pre-interviews and follow up